About Us.

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Our Vision Statement: To contribute to the construction of an innovative world and to light up the path for future generations.

Our Mission Statement: To deliver exceptional electrical service to the great Northwest area.

Who are we? King Salo Electric is a group of hardworking electricians. Founded in Federal Way, Washington, we give service to the great Northwest area. We believe in honesty, transparency, and respect. All decisions and operations are made with sound morals and values. We strive to be honest and transparent in all our operations. We respect and value all customer’s thoughts/opinions, and we are excited to work with future clients. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Team Values? Here at King Salo Electric, we believe that our employees deserve respect. We are always accessible to all our employees and believe that all employees are on the same team reaching the same goal. Each employee is valued and cared for. The safety of our team is at upmost importance. Teamwork is dream work.

About the founders: Salomon Meza is the founder of King Salo Electric. Opening his business after 22 years of construction experience. He has 14 years of residential and 11 years of commercial experience. Martha, co-founder, also has 8 years of residential experience. Salomon and Martha are hardworking, leaders, and extremely caring of their company and customers. They believe in working hard to reach the top of the mountain. Both Salomon and his wife are passionate about their field and they are glad to be part of history.